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Cloud Computing & Migration

Cloud Computing

At 3G, we’ve been designing and implementing cloud solutions for more than 5 years. Moving your business to the cloud transforms inefficient a traditional IT system into a high-performance vehicle designed to support the latest applications, security measures and platforms.
Cloud computing has changed the way we think about IT.. With expertise in a variety of software stacks, including Amazon, Azure, VMware, Redhat and OpenStack, our certified professionals can help you develop a comprehensive cloud strategy that’s right for your business.

Cloud Security

As experts in the field, we design public, private, community and hybrid solutions that cover the highest available levels of scrutiny
Not all cloud computing strategies are equal.
While designing and implementing Cloud infrastructure for our clients we leverage the inbuilt security offered by each Cloud provider at the operating system and virtual instance level.
We customize firewall settings, API access, SSL authentication, VLAN authentication, certificates and private keys per client needs. We also design and architect data access controls that are required for each business need by following industry best practices.

Cloud Migration

Our expert staff ensure the smooth migration process for all your infrastructure, data, and applications that emphasizes reliability and mitigates risk. From small businesses to large scale applications requiring petabytes of data, we ensure a seamless transition.
We have migrated several hundred on premise applications to the cloud.
We have designed and implemented cloud migration roadmaps for our clients that have reduced their expenses manifold while successfully discarding undifferentiated work such as data center hosting allowing them to focus on their primary businesses.
We believe in phased migration approaches, especially for large projects, to mitigate risks associated with migrating the cloud which vary with each application and data requirement. Data migration is always preceded by detailed analysis of the data and its requirements.

3G provides secure cloud solutions to our Federal customers using the Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds including GovCloud. Services include designing the cloud solution, ensuring it is properly secured, developing solutions to run on the cloud, deploying and maintaining the solutions. Strict security compliance at all levels is available using AWS & Azure. Cloud solutions can be private cloud, public cloud for solutions such as public facing websites or a hybrid solution connecting your internal systems to AWS.

AWS & Azure can be used for:

  • Low cost backup and disaster recovery
  • Application hosting
  • Application development and testing
  • Large scale (big data) processing
  • Storage that can grow as needed
  • Virtual data center to reduce your capital costs

  • 3G’s Cloud services include:

  • Consulting
  • Solution design
  • Implementation
  • Operation & Maintenance

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