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Cyber Security

With cyber-attacks growing at an exponential rate, governments and businesses need proactive solutions to fight these complex threats. Today’s fast internet and high-performance computing means that traditional approaches to cyber security no longer apply. For effective cyber defense, companies need to arm themselves with the ability to analyze what-if scenarios from historical data and respond to threats before they even appear. With 3G, we offer holistic cyber security solutions to safeguard your data and proactively identify and neutralize potential threats. Whether you need a cyber security solution to combat potential fraud, to protect institutional intellectual property and enterprise applications or to protect your day to day assets, our experienced team of cyber security professionals can help.

We have architected solutions for PIV/PIV-I/CAC enablement and Single Sign-On across enterprises and government agencies for mission critical applications. We develop custom solutions as well as integrate open source and COTS products to give our clients the best of the breed solutions to meet their cyber security problems head-on. We use latest cloud based to tools to secure the perimeter infrastructure.

We integrate industry leading security engineering and monitoring tools to provide organizations and agencies ability to audit and monitor user access and device usage across their enterprise network. We create state of the art dashboards that leverage middleware software to analyze data collected across multiple data points across the network to provide a holistic view of the enterprise to security professionals and network operations personnel enabling them to protect valuable resources and assets of the enterprise.

We architect, design and implement custom security for clients. We use open source software stacks and create SOA based cyber security solutions that incorporate big data predictive analytics, visualization and customization. We incorporate a variety of heuristics, probabilistic, and detection analytics to resolve complex problems. Our designs extend the traditional Cyber-attack and fraud detection mechanism of monitoring system activities for signs of ongoing attacks with massively parallel processing. They provide predictive analytics for cyber-attacks before they really happen.

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